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Spring has sprung, the grass has rizzz, I wonder where the boidies is?

After four and a half unsuccessful years of selling real estate I hung up my license.

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I had spent the last 10 years in Vancouver, driving truck, acting, repairing computers, and selling real estate, businesses, and residential.

I was selling computers, 1999, after having driven truck for the summer of '98. I left real estate in the spring and will tell you why you should never get your license.

Real Estate is like Gold Fever. Remember the stories you heard about the prospectors who sold their earthly possessions to buy a ticket on a ship to get to the gold fields and become rich. Real Estate is the same way. The dreams of big commissions lure you on, and on, and on.

Unlike the prospectors who died in the cold, starved to death because they couldn't afford food, you will not die, but you will starve, your wife will leave you, your children will despise you, and you will continue to promise them that next month it will be different. Next month you will close that big deal, you will sell that million dollar home or multi million dollar business and make that mega thousand dollar commission.

And pigs will fly.

Like the prospector toiling in the creek bed you will be busy from dawn to dusk. Every person you meet is a potential customer, buyer or seller. Every vacant lot, every empty house, is a potential listing. You will run up your credit cards, borrow money from your neighbours, your friends have already lent you every cent they can spare.

Like the gambler sitting at the table who only needs ten more dollars to take the pot, you just need one more tank of fuel to take this hot buyer out and show him the perfect house. It's a done deal. It's in the bag.

Oh, he didn't tell you he was just looking, that his brother is a realtor. He wants to buy, but he is going to get his brother to write the offer. Got to keep it in the family you know. But thanks for your time.

Time for you to get a real job, one that pays wages so you can pay the bills.



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