Trevor / Jamie, Chapter 3 of Lee A. Wood ‘s Novel, Fero

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A novel

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Chapter Three

Ship of war in full sail
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* TREVOR aka JAMIE 1852 *

The squalid room was tiny and cramped. The box that had held the baby had grown over the years but not as rapidly as the child. Unlike the child the box had grown as large as space allowed. The child's emaciated feet stuck out from the end of the box and the rag of blanket that futilely tried to cover them.

Trevor knelt by the box behind the door. He had changed Jamie and tried to rock him to sleep but nothing seemed to help. There was nothing in the single room to feed him and his crying kept getting louder.

An only child until he was ten, Trevor knew little about caring for a four year old. He tried to get him to drink some water but Jamie tossed off the blanket, cried louder, and began to sweat. Terrified, Trevor ran out the door.

Mary never talked about her work but Trevor had a vague idea of where to find her. He knew the streets well as he played in them every day while his mother slept. Taking short cuts through the filthy lanes he reached a corner where his mother often worked.

Peering down a dark alley Trevor could make out a silhouette of a man and a lady. He could tell it was his mother, on her knees, before the drunk. Trevor crouched back, behind the corner, and waited while his mother culminated her business transaction.

Hearing a loud, angry voice Trevor peered down the alley. The man was slapping his mother.

"Ye' call that a service, ya drunken bitch?"

Trevor was unable to hear his mothers reply.

"Pay ya!" The man was buttoning up his flies, "I'll pay ya, ya drunken slut."

Trevor could only see the man's arm swing and his mother topple over. He ducked back behind the corner as the man came towards him.

As the man left the alley Trevor stood up and the man saw him. Turning quickly, the man grasped Trevor by the collar, as he tried to slip past into the alley.

"Ere, now, boy", The man growled. "Was ye spying on me?"

Trevor's reply was a terrified mumble.

"Speak up sprout", The man commanded. As he shook Trevor, he produced a knife still dripping blood.

The forward movement of the man's arm was arrested by the flat of a cutlass blade. The man turned to see what had touched his arm and found the point of a blade resting against his throat.

"If ye've harmed the lad, I'll run ye through", the deep voice came from a barrel of a man. Weak light from the street lamp reflected from the brass on a naval uniform.

The killer's eyes swivelled, looking for an escape route. To his horror he saw more men, several wearing the uniform of His Majesty's Royal Navy.

"Well. Speak up. Why was ya planning to split this little cabbage?" The voice behind the sword demanded.

Leaning his head back from the sharp point the man said, "I wasn't going to harm him. It's my son and I was just giving him a scare. He was supposed to be home for supper long ago. I was trying to show him how dangerous it is to be out this late at night."

"Dangerous", The sailor retorted. "You don't know what danger is. But you're gonna find out." He lowered his sword and pushed past the man to Trevor. Over his shoulder he spoke to his fellow shipmates, "Bring him along". Grasping Trevor by the shoulder he said in a, for him, kindly tone, "You come along too, sonny. We need a new cabin boy".

Trevor tried to hold back, "My mother,"

"Sorry, son, no women allowed on board a Man `O' War but yer father will be with you. We can use a man who knows how to handle a knife."

"But Jamie", Trevor stammered.

"Jamie is it. Well, Jamie, you stick with your father and he can teach ye how to use a knife. When you get older, I'll teach ye how to use a sword. If ye haven't been washed overboard by then". Laughing he pushed Trevor back with the others that the press gang had collected.

Boxed in by big brawny men Jamie was unable to escape. He tried to protest but the sailors told him to be quiet. After a cuff on the side of the head he subsided and accepted his fate.

Ushered through the streets they eventually reached the docks, a place Jamie had never been. Up the gangplank, the man and the boy, were led to their new home.

Once aboard ship Jamie was locked below decks with the other poor souls who had been press ganged. There the killer beat Jamie, his cries for help unheeded by his fellow prisoners.

When he complained that the man was trying to kill him the killer told them the boy had an over active imagination. However he did back off as he realized that he couldn't kill the boy in the presence of these others. They might permit the beating of a child but not deliberate murder. He would have to bide his time.

With much creaking of rope, and groaning of wood, the ship set sail and weighed anchor. Only the noises, totally strange to Jamie, and the rest of the men, penetrating the hull. They had no idea what was happening.

They heard the gentle swish of the water along the hull, as they moved down river. They felt the surging of the boat, and the heaving of the deck, as they reached open water. Sounds and feelings they weren't used to, yet, and many of them became seasick within a few minutes.

When the vessel was out to sea the men were released and brought on deck. They were taken to the rail where they were told to take a good look at Ireland. Then they were given a choice of swimming ashore, without being charged with desertion, or kissing their past goodbye and joining the Royal Navy.

Most of the men, were, by now, too sick to care either way. They were left alone to ponder their fate and to make their decision.

The next day all the new swabs were put to work whether they were seasick or not. Jamie was introduced to the Captain and taught the duties of a cabin boy.

Being younger, he became used to the movement of the ship sooner than the others and was soon a favourite of the crew. Resigned to the fact that he would never see his mother again, sure that she was dead, and that there was nothing he could do for his little brother, who would starve to death if someone didn't find him and take care of him, he quickly got his sea legs.

He also found that the food was much better than what he had had the last few years. His mother was a fairly good cook, But lately there had been nothing to cook. Not that all the crew were allowed as much as they wanted but it didn't take long for Jamie to worm his way into the cook's good graces.

Jamie experienced and enjoyed a freedom that he had never known before. Although he had to watch his back, when no one was around, lest his mother's killer do him harm, and he was confined to the dimensions of a ship, he felt freer than being cooped up in the little room with his brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

Back water, to make a boat back up. Back lash, the recoil of a weapon or whip. Back wash, the waves produced as a ship goes by. Barque, a three masted ship, such as the one they were on, the fore and main masts being square rigged, while the mizzen mast was fore and aft rigged. Barnacle, a crusty little creature that grows on rocks in the ocean and will cut your feet if you step on it. It also grows on the bottom of ships and causes the ship to move slower so has to be cleaned off every so often. Batten, to seal, usually stretching a tarp over a hatch. Belay, to stop or fasten. Belaying pin, a removable wooden peg on the rail of a ship used for belaying lines. Bilge, the lowest part of a ship's hold.

Bridge, the platform above the deck, where the officers could usually be found. Brig, ship's prison or a brigantine. Brigantine, a two masted ship, with the fore mast being square rigged and the main mast being fore and aft rigged.

Just a few of the words that start with `B' that every sailor should know, and there was still the rest of the alphabet. At least Jamie knew that, which was more than most of his shipmates.

It seemed to Jamie that though he was speaking English he wasn't speaking English. A whole new world of words was his for the learning. And it wasn't just learning the meanings, it was understanding the word itself, when spoken with a strange accent. And every accent was strange to him.

Although he had heard the odd Englishman he had never actually met one, let alone anyone from another country. The crew were made up of men from all over the world, though mostly English, and a few Irish that he had been picked up with. Jamie met men who knew little English and little of England. There were sailors who's skin was not even white.

Most of the crew were seasoned seamen and they took to the lad, teaching him the ways of the sea and the ways of the sailor.

Jamie, from the way that some of them would touch him affectionately, got the impression that there was more that they wanted to teach. He wasn't sure what it was, but he felt that he didn't want to learn it, and when they tried to advance beyond placing their hands on his arms or shoulders he would remember a duty elsewhere.

Over time, wandering about the ship at night, Jamie saw other sailors, lonely, far from home, and even further from women, finding a moments solace in another man's arms. Watching from behind bales or doorways Jamie learned of, though not the words for, fellatio, masturbation, and another `B' word, buggery.

He learned what the men were leading to when they would say sly things to him, or attempt to run their hands over his buttocks. Jamie could understand their feelings, he could even sympathize with their actions, but he had no desire to participate.

From the veiled innuendoes he learned that his mother's killer would also like to ravish his young body, probably more than he wanted to kill him, for by now he knew that Jamie had not told the Captain that he wasn't Jamie's father.

Within a few days of being aboard, Jamie had found a safe place to sleep. Though he slept with his trousers on and a knife close to hand, he was never bothered. By the end of the first year the crew had learned to accept Jamie as one of their own, in fact he was almost a mascot, and newcomers were quickly told to keep hands off.

The Captain took to the lad and he was offered privileges that other cabin boys weren't. He was taught how to read a chart and to navigate.

During his first month at sea Jamie learned the horrors of war. A French ship was sighted and a chase took place. The wind was in the Frenchman's favour and the ships were soon out of gun range, both sides only managing to fire one broadside. However one was enough to cause death and destruction.

Bandage, bleeding, and butchery. More new `B' words that Jamie quickly learned, hauling water for the ship's carpenter who also doubled as the doctor. His fellow crew mates called him a butcher and it was closer to the truth than calling him a doctor. Amputation for arm or leg was his general prescription and Jamie was awarded the task of throwing the grizzly remains over the side.

A swab encouraged Jamie, "Look at it this way lad, you threw it over the side. At least he didn't ask you to take it to the galley so the cook could serve it for lunch." The look of repulsion on Jamie's face caused laughter amongst the crew.

Less than a week later they encountered a Spanish ship. The Spanish, being more prone to fight than the French, put up a deadly battle until darkness and heavy seas separated the two ships. Many men were wounded or killed and the killer of Jamie's mother got a splinter in his eye.

Jamie enjoyed a savage delight in watching the man suffer while he waited his turn to see the `butcher'. And when his turn came, to be under the knife, Jamie watched with fascination as the `doctor' amputated the man's eye.

While the doctor held the killer down, Jamie washed the empty socket with salt water, pouring the entire bucket over the man's head. Achieving a morbid satisfaction when the killer's screams of pain turned to choking coughs, as the water ran into his mouth.

The sawbones stuck a piece of rag in the man's eye socket and covered it over with a patch of sail cloth, tying it on with a string around his head.

Shaking the water from his face, Patch glared at Jamie with his remaining eye, "Laugh, ye little twerp. Ye'll get yours."

The carpenter pushed Patch back onto the deck. Holding his sail maker's awl, that he had used to extract the man's eyeball, in front of his other eye, he cautioned, "If ye've any intention of harmin' the lad, we'll take the other eye now. Ye'll have a hell of a time findin' `im in the dark."

Patch was not the only casualty of the fight nor his eye the only damage done. The ship had to make port for crew and repairs.

Gibraltar was only the first of many ports, in strange lands, that Jamie would visit, over the next few years. Strange lands and strange people.

In Africa he would meet people with dark brown or black skin, called Niggers who put pieces of bone through the center of their nose.

In India he would meet people with dark brown skin, called Orientals, who wrapped their heads in towels, despite the fact that the temperatures were extremely high.

In China he would meet people with light brown, or yellow, skin, quite different from those in India, but also called Orientals.

Many of these shaved their heads, except for a circular patch near the upper back. This hair was allowed to grow until its length reached the back of their legs and then was braided into a pig's tail.

Haiti, Brazil, Iceland. From one corner of the planet to another, the ship and it's crew sailed, literally, the seven seas, and all its oceans.

The crew took Jamie to heart, and under their wing. While one man wanted to kill him, others wanted to love him. Some wanted to befriend him, while others wanted to father him.

He was taught everything there was to learn aboard a ship; from sums to knife throwing and fighting, sword and fist fighting, cleaning, loading, and firing of guns, from hand held to ships cannons, swimming, and fishing.

With his red hair, handsome face, and youthful body the crew did not have to buy him a dockside whore, as they had planed, for him to lose his virginity. Jamie was a hit with the girls on shore as much as he was with the men on board.

From the time he was first allowed ashore, Jamie began to learn the pleasures that could be obtained from fleshly encounters.

He not only learned how to take pleasure in the arms of a woman but how to give it, and many a port had a female waiting for his return. Seldom, however, did the ship see the same port twice.

Though the crew, to a man, could tell you in which port Jamie lost his virginity, only a few knew which girl he had escorted home from one of the many shops near the docks. However, what they didn't know, was that Jamie had lost his virginity at sea.

Having nearly capsized from being top heavy with ice in the Arctic the ship and crew, feeling fortunate to be alive, were sailing South to the Americas and warmer climes.

The lookout, fearful of icebergs, kept a vigilant watch, "Ahoy the deck. Ahoy the deck." The cry from above brought everyone out on deck into the frigid air. "Boat to starboard. Ships boat, three degrees starboard."

Sheets were reefed, a boat was lowered, and the ship swung a slow circle. The seas had a grey look to them, that unmistakable metallic sheen of cold water. The skies were just as gray, with heavily laden clouds. The ocean was a field of gently rolling swells and the ship's boat skimmed across its surface, to be collected as the ship completed its turn.

The long boat, returning to the ship, towed, behind it, a second long boat that looked to be in fair condition. The captain decided to keep the boat, but not its contents.

There was noting of value in the boat, certainly not its passengers. Five men of station, by the cut of their clothes. Two young males and a female, probably middle class. Two males, ne'r do wells, and three sailors.

All were tossed overboard, after the `doctor' pronounced them dead, before the boat was hoisted aboard. All but one. A lady of some means, for she was expensively gowned in a fur trimmed dress and a fox stole. The clothing, being thicker than that worn by her companions, is probably what had kept her alive, though barely, until she was found.

The area was searched, but no further sign of a ship was found. The captain had the lady ensconced in his cabin. Later, when the warmth revived her, the doctor prescribed a hot bath, to ward off pneumonia. Jamie was sent to fetch the water and fill the captain's tub.

The lady was sitting up when Jamie entered the room. She sat quietly in a chair while Jamie made several trips, from the galley, with buckets of hot water. During his times in the room the lady's eyes never left him.

When Jamie indicated to the lady that he was finished, she beckoned him to her, before he could leave. When he approached, she slipped off the chair, to her knees, and enfolding him in her arms, crushed his head against her chest.

She lay her head on top of his, and proceeded to cry. Great wracking sobs shook her frame, her arms squeezing Jamie so tightly he could hardly breath.

After several long minutes, the lady regained control of her faculties and released her hold on the bewildered lad. As he was about to leave she beckoned him back, pointing at the back of her neck.

Keeping a safe distance, lest she grab him again, Jamie walked behind her until he understood that she was asking him to unbutton her gown. When the garment was unbuttoned she stood and removed it, laying it across the Captain's desk.

Again, Jamie, approaching the door, was called back, the lady, again, pointing behind her neck. This time Jamie discerned that she wanted him to unlace her undergarments and as she again kneeled, to make it easier for him, he complied.

Sliding out of her underwear, the lady stood, and lay the apparel on the desk, as Jamie headed for the door. With an enigmatic smile on her face, the lady, again, called Jamie back.

Directing Jamie to stand in front of her she knelt and proceeded to disrobe him. When she had him naked she directed him to step into the tub. Pushing him under the surface she began to wash him, starting with his hair.

When he was scrubbed clean she had Jamie step out of the tub and towelled him dry. Jamie sensed that she must have had a son and maybe she had lost him along with the others aboard the ship they had been on. There had been no name or identification in the long boat and the lady didn't speak any language know to any of the crew.

However any semblance of a mother - son relationship ended when the lady had finished drying Jamie. As she completed her chores with the towel, ending in Jamie's lower frontal area, she dried him far longer than the occasion required.

Achieving the desired effect, the lady had Jamie lie on the wooden floor and proceeded to continue her movements, without the subterfuge of the towel. Holding him, between thumb and finger, she milked him until he began to raise his hips.

Keeping rhythm with him, she increased her pace as his buttock bounced off the boards. His moanings ended in a long expulsion of breath as her manipulations produced the desired effect.

As his movements subsided she slowed her manipulations until she had milked the last drop to the surface. This she wiped off with the end of her finger. Making sure that he was watching, she slowly lapped the end of her finger, with a slow sinuous movement of her tongue.

Tracing her finger along his abdomen she pointed out each deposit, then followed her finger with her tongue, until she reached his hairline. Crab walking on her knees, until her legs were straddling him, she settled her buttocks on his chin.

It didn't take too much pantomime for Jamie to get the message, and he was soon following her example, as his tongue explored the forbidden fruit, poised above his mouth.

Moaning and groaning the lady ground herself against his face, pressing his head into the deck of the Captain's cabin. Jamie continued, as best that he could, until her legs squeezed so hard he thought she was going to burst his head open.

Falling forward, she fell on her stomach, and putting her hands underneath herself, she manipulated her fingers, and finished what Jamie had been unable to.

As Jamie began to rise the lady rolled on her side and motioned for Jamie to join her. He stretched out on the floor beside her. She enfolded him in her arms and held him close.

At first Jamie thought that she was going to start crying again, but, after a few minutes, her fingers began to trace circles on his stomach.

Releasing Jamie, the lady lay on her stomach, and guided him onto her back. Then, arching her back, and getting up on her hands and knees, she reached between her legs, and guided Jamie home.

When the two had collapsed, and then recovered, the water in the bath was cold. As well, it was filthy, after Jamie had been in it, so the lady directed Jamie to remove it.

Opening the aft window of the Captain's cabin Jamie put the water back where it had come from. The lady watched, enraptured, as he walked back and forth, from the tub to the window, filling and emptying the bucket. His body was still growing towards its maturity, the developing muscles beginning to define themselves, the skin still taught and smooth. The lady looked disappointed as he put on his clothes and left, to get more hot water.

During the next two weeks, that it took to get to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the lady disembarked, she had four more baths. Though Jamie learned many more facets of love making, all without the crew being the wiser, he never learned anything about the lady herself.

Usually when they went ashore, Jamie would wait until he saw which way Patch went and would then go in a different direction.

Late one night, in Rio De Janeiro, Jamie, frustrated, was returning to the ship. He had been under a tree, in the back yards of a stately mansion, when he was set upon by a very angry man, screaming at him in Portuguese, a language he did not understand. Quickly, gathering his clothing, he ran, naked, through the night, leaving behind a lovely young lady, who was, almost, naked. Jamie never knew if the man was upset because he was the lady's father or husband.

Slipping through the streets near the docks, Jamie, literally, stumbled into Patch, who was backhanding and cursing a female. Holding her by the hair with one hand he was forcing her to her knees, while he slapped her with the other hand. Unexpectedly broad sided by the young lad, Patch was thrown against the rough wall of a building.

Realizing who he had bumped into, Jamie scuttled backwards on his hands and buttocks until he came to a stop against a pair of feet protruding from a pair of tar covered bell bottom trousers.

The whore's screams had drawn the attention of others from within a nearby bar and Jamie was joined by some of his fellow shipmates. As they approached, the stunned Patch was trying to draw a knife from his belt but the arrival of the others stopped him, "One of these days, boyo. One of these days, there won't be anyone else around." He snarled quietly and deadly.

Patch stumbled down the alley and the sailors drew Jamie into the bar for a drink. The whore Jamie had just saved declared that she would pay for Jamie's pint. Jamie's fellow sailors thought she should be more generous than that and amongst much ribaldry the lady-of-the-night further agreed to spend the rest of the night sharing what his fellow shipmates thought would be his first female encounter.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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