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A novel

Lee sitting at desk holding phone
Lee A. Wood
As a prison guard in
`We're No Angels' `91

FERO: aka: Jamie; Tarka; Trevor


An imaginary lad, Trevor is born in Ireland. Jamie is shanghaied into the Royal Navy, and shipwrecked on the shores of Africa.

Tarka and his young family are captured and sent to America. As a slave on a large plantation he plans his escape, and revenge.

Trevor's return to Africa is interrupted by the `New York Riots.' (My novel follows an historic timeline.)

Helping some runaway slaves escape to Canada he is sought by bounty hunters.

Trevor tries to start a new life in Canada but his young family is torn apart by the Fenians.

After joining the `Wolseley Expedition' he serves as a guard at the Ft. Garry Penitentiary before becoming a member of the North West Mounted Police and taking part in the `Two Thousand Mile Trek'.

Fero, after serving as a U. S. Marshall, is finally reunited with his second wife and returns to Africa.

Or does he?


This is not a novel for the faint hearted.

Is it pornographic? That would depend on a person's definition of pornographic. Some think the word fuck is vulgar. Others use it everyday. Some people will let their children watch Friday the thirteenth but feel that magazines such as `Playboy' will warp their minds.

Is it cruel and sadistic? Life is cruel and sadistic. `Fero' is realistic. It is, remember, a work of fiction. `My' characters have no resemblance to persons living or dead. FERO does, however, follow a time line of actual events which did occur in the shaping of North America and our hero does cross paths, fictitiously, with persons who did exist in history.

Is it bloodthirsty? Yes and no. Some, but not all, violent happenings are graphically depicted. If you enjoy tales such as `Friday the thirteen', this novel is not for you.

If you enjoy `Playboy Magazine', this novel is not for you, it has no pictures. If you enjoy `Letters to Xavier' you may enjoy this novel. I do graphically illustrate some sex scenes.

The entire novel will require a lot of reading. If you have not enjoyed reading this far, hit the `back' button.

When I began FERO I had one goal in mind, long. I feel disappointed when I read a book, begin to enjoy the story, and run out of book.

A publisher suggested my book was too long. She suggested I break it into novelettes and sell them in serial form. I despise reading a book to find that I have missed an episode, or have to run out and buy the next episode.

If it was in book form `FERO' is, 163,598 words, 21 chapters, or 750 pages, long.

It is copyrighted but feel free to download it for reading purposes.

(Cast of Characters)

BEKO: African warrior. His treachery results in slavery for all.

BETH: Southern Belle, mistress of all she surveys, returns to the nothing she came from.

CHARENE; Nun, used and abuse, moves to Canada and is further used and abused.

COLLEEN; Wife, lover, nurse, victim.

CONZUELA: Voluptuous, deaf, Mexican Senorita, alone in the Wild West, witnesses the death of her father.

FERO: Sent, by the Governor, to settle a cattle war, kills the cattle baron, steals his woman, and his wealth.

JAMIE: Young boy, press ganged into the Royal Navy, as a cabin boy, tries to avoid being pressed by the gang.

JING RONG: Exotic Oriental, flees from her mail-order husband, finds an orphaned infant, and death.

LILIYA: Born of, and wed to, Russian nobility, saved from whiskey traders by Trooper Monaghan.

LIZA: Runaway slave, uses the Underground Railway to reach Canada, and freedom, only to lose all she has gained.

MARY: Young Irish mother, leaves her home, and the path of God, to support her offspring.

MOONLITE: Heartbroken native awaits, with anticipation, the death of Trooper Monaghan.

OKONI: African Princess, betrothed to an African Prince, is captured and sold as a slave.

PATCH: One-eyed pirate, awash on a sea of soil.

PATRICIA: Pregnant prostitute, sells her baby's milk for a ticket home.

SILVER FOX: The N.W.M.P. execute a killer of one of their own, or was he?

TARKA: White God amongst black heathens.

TREVOR. Escaped slave, joins the Wolseley Expedition to Ft. Garry where he becomes a prison guard.

TROOPER MONAGHAN: Tracking some rustlers, decides to use their hideout to start a ranch of his own.

VILMA: Tarred and feathered by a preacher for committing the same sins as her father.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

  • Chapter One PATCH `76 Bison Trooper Monaghan rides through a sea of buffalo and kills Patch.
  • Chapter Two MARY ELLEN `48 Horse and Cart Trevor leaves the small, Irish, fishing village of his birth.
  • Chapter Three TREVOR / JAMIE `52 Ship of war Trevor's mother is killed by Patch.
  • Chapter Four OKONI Lady African Native She is captured by slave traders.
  • Chapter Five BEKO Slave His treachery results in slavery for all.
    Chapter Six JAMIE / TARKA `56 African Village Trevor saves the life of Okoni's, brother.
  • Chapter Seven FERN GLEN `59 Lady slave Trevor and his in-laws are taken to America as slaves.
  • Chapter Eight BETH Southern Belle Mrs. Hammon inherits a plantation and buys Trevor.
  • Chapter Nine TARKA `63 Plantation Trevor seduces Mrs. Hammon and gains his freedom.
  • Chapter Ten LIZA `63 Rioters Trevor, caught in the New York Riots.
  • Chapter Eleven CHARENE `54 Monk Her life, as a Monk, until she meets Trevor.
  • Chapter Twelve TREVOR prison guard He joins the N.W.M.P. `March West' to Ft. McLeod, spring of 1874.
  • Chapter Thirteen LILIYA Mules She is saved from whiskey traders by Trevor.
  • Chapter Fourteen CONZUELA Mountie Trevor tracks Conzuela's father's killer.
  • Chapter Fifteen MOONLIGHT Indian Trevor recovers the body of a missing squaw.
  • Chapter Sixteen COLLEEN & VILMA Preacher Trevor finds Vilma tarred and feathered by a preacher.
  • Chapter Seventeen JING MEI `79 Train Trevor returns to his ranch and finds it destroyed.
  • Chapter Eighteen PATRICIA Riverboat Trevor finds a pregnant prostitute and solicits her aid.
  • Chapter Nineteen CHARENE `79 Sheriff Trevor takes Charene to New York.
  • Chapter Twenty SILVER FOX Indian The N.W.M.P. find Trevor's killer, they believe.
  • EPILOGUE Ship Trevor puts Liza and the baby in a lifeboat.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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    Yours truly

    Lee A. Wood


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    Lee A. Wood was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

    Before, and after, leaving home, he has lived in several towns; throughout said province, as well as the province of British Columbia.

    A professional driver, Mr. Wood has wheeled the big rigs through; 47 of the 50 states, 7 of the 10 provinces, and 2 of the three territories. His driving career has also include moving equipment and personnel in the film industry. He has had the pleasure of meeting several famous actors.

    As well as looking at the world through a windshield it has been Lee’s pleasure to view the wonders of the planet through, the view finder of a camera, and the lens of a diving mask.

    As well as Canada, and the USA, he has traveled extensively throughout; China, and Mexico.

    A graduate of several college and university courses, although I never graduated high school until 2005, at the age of 62, I am a writer of many genres: novels; film, & TV, scripts; plays, articles, etc., some of which have appeared in various publications, and most of which have been posted in this website.



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    Wood's best novel to date - Manitoba Mangler

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    Journalist and Author: Dodie King,


    A circumstance-shaped character reveal, woven across continents and events

    - a reality raw with the grittiness hidden, regardless of how deeply, within the human animal

    - this historically based, straight speaking novel compels a reaction in the reader achievable only by a masterful story-teller.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    I have read and enjoyed all his works. - L. Kirk

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A prolific writer. - Ontario Octaganarian

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    His works are easy to read and his pictures are to the point, no pun intended. - Quebec Quaraler.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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    this one was excellent.
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    All of his works.
    At one time I had a complete collection,
    including a few hard cover originals,
    and an original Chitty, but,
    my mother gave them all away.
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    Crow In Stolen Colors
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    and I seldom enjoy reading female authors but,
    this one was exemplary.
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    All of his works.
    At one time I had a complete collection.
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