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On May 11, 2007, I attended `ART IN THE CITY' a visual art show and sale.

There I met Juhli Caldwell

(Juhli Caldwell, in front of a display of her works.)

Juhli was; born in, Vancouver B.C., raised in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver, where she finished school. She currently resides, with her artistically inclined, significant other, near Stanley Park, in Vancouver's West End.

Ducks under a bridge
Flowers in a street
Inspired by a plant, tenaciously growing,
from a small crack in the pavement

Great auk
The last of Juhli's surrealist pieces

Juhli has gone through different phases in her work.

From abstract and surrealism she is now into bright and happy.

Her life has gone from BM to AM. Before Mark to After Mark.

Since meeting her significant other the world is a brighter place.

As well as painting Juhli also enjoys writing.

Juhli says, `I especially enjoy writing in the essay format, so much so that I do believe I will pursue an interest in becoming an essayist.

My latest venture involves taking a closer look at the Native American's and First Nations of Canada to see if there is a way to close the gap and still inspire our first peoples to speak, create and live according to their essential natures as the rest of us immigrants have been doing since we came here and are still doing within the American Melting Pot come Mosaic Models of Bio- diversity in North America'.

(Boat on beach)
Inspired by a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico
(A large sunflower)
(A large flower)
(A large water lily)
Inspired by a trip to Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

(Juhli Caldwell, displays a piece of her work.)
Juhli's latest paintings, that are available, can be found on
the BlogSpot, `STONEPALETTE',
which she shares with her significant other, Redsky.


I was born June 11th 1960, the youngest of 6 and adopted at 2 months into a loving family becoming the oldest of 2.

My creativity was nurtured from a young age. My father crafted doll furniture and drew cartoons, Christmas window stencils, my mother stayed at home and sewed, knitted and baked. Grandma was a seamstress as well as very creative showing me the way to sculpt with plasterscene.

Father was in the oil business and so transferred regularly back and forth across Canada. We moved to Winnipeg when I was 4, then back to Vancouver when I was 7, then to Toronto when I was 8 and back to Vancouver when I was 11, then back to Toronto when I was 13 and finally back out to Vancouver when I turned 18.

I learned to sew, embroider, needle point, knit, and crochet at home.

When I was 8, my mother put me into water colour painting lessons and ceramics.

I enjoyed being able to see so much of Canada and had the benefit of attending progressive schools that placed a high importance on Art and culture. For example I studied weaving, batiking and native art as well as clay work when I lived in Tswassen and was filmed by the Canadian National film board sculpting clay when I was 12. I also had a horse and rode bareback.

As a teen I was given the opportunity to visit the group of 7 museum in Ontario and view the original works.

In my late teens I took up photography and piano.

After high school I attended college- Douglas and B.C.I.T and became a Medical Radiation Technologist, got married and had 3 kids.

In March 1989 I recall deciding to pursue art, painting and drawing. I attended Emily Carr on Granville Island and found a tutor. A good friend and painter, David Cochrane took me under his wing for 4 years and taught me everything about oil painting including 14th century techniques.

In 1998 I worked with artist Ed Varney to Produce a book of poems for writer Michel Bullock.

In 2001, I went back to school, UBC and earned a certificate in Liberal Studies- Some of my courses included Art history and Jungian psychology in art. Also offered were courses in the history of western medicine and multicultural communications as well as philosophy. I graduated in Nov 2004.

I met "Redsky" though mutual friends in 2003 even though he will tell you we met in a closet at a party :) We hit it off so well that we went to Ixtapa in Feb. 2004 and we have been together almost daily since.


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