(Nick Phillips adjusting a libra head on the end of a camera crane boom.)

This picture, taken by Matt Mueller, for his website, MuellerWorld , shows a LIBRA HEAD mounted on the end of a Camera Crane Boom.

NICK PHILLIPS, the man in the straw hat, is making final adjustments to his invention.

Originally from Australia, Mr. Phillips lived in London, England for awhile and now resides in Las Angeles, USA.

Formerly, an aircraft engineer, Mr. Phillips designed a mount for a camera, to be fitted on an airplane. After several years of improvements, an ongoing process, as he keeps up with modern technology, Mr. Phillips has 35, as of `05, Libra Heads, rented out, around the world.

As the above photo shows, the photo was taken near Wadi Rum, Jordan, when a Libra Head is used in a touchy location, or a location that Nick has never been to, he will operate the head himself.

The above photo was taken in the year `99, the same year that Mr. Phillips won an award, from the Academy of Motion Pictures, for the design and development of the three-axis Libra III Remote Camera Head.

In May `05, I helped Mr. Phillips dismount his, latest, Libra Head from a mounting system, adapted to a twin Skidoo, near the top of Hudson Bay Mountain, near Smithers, B. C., Canada, where we were filming scenes for a movie called `Antarctica'.

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(Head shot.)
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